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Financial Programs

Making it easy for buying and maintaining residential services through our experts channels for your guidance.

Pre-Approval Loans

Going through the preapproval process with several lenders we allow home buyers to find the best deals.

House Shopping

Discover the difference of an exciting place for the whole family,Let us make it a little easier for you.

Financial Services

Making it easy for buying and maintaining residential services through our expert guiding channels.


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Diversified Plans

Fixed and adjustable-rate with a break for first-time buyers with high credit scores


Convenient Payment Options

Access loans facilitis with low down payment.

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They offer market insight, help with the process, and so much more

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What People Say

  • Lover
  • Ryan Mak

    I have visit Rajeev for my mortgage application.I would like to thank Rajeev the service he provided me and answer to all my questions and gave me solution to all my concern. He has immense experience in the field and great and friendly guy to work.

  • Lover
  • Sahil Garg

    Wow! Made buying a house such a breeze! I was new to home buying, and have heard horror stories from friends and family about terrible agents. Rajeev Sehgal was professional and personal! He never made me feel uncomfortable and helped me.

  • How is the rental lease calculated?

    You only pay for how much you drive! Meaning: you don't pay for the entire value of the assets, you only pay for the depreciation value of it.

  • What is a finance lease?

    A finance lease can most easily be compared to a bank loan. With this type of leasing the leasing company or lender legally owns the asset. The lease amount consists of interest and a repayment component. At the end of the lease, a purchase option is included.

  • What types of mortgages do you offer?

    Red Star offers almost all kinds of mortgages facilities which possibly best suits you.
    Manufactured/modular homes
    Business Assets

  • Can I pay off my mortgage early?

    With mortgage interest rates so low, some argue that there's no point in paying off your mortgage early. Others argue that paying off debt is always a good idea in an uncertain economy. We weigh up the options, so you can decide.

  • What Documentation Is Required for Mortgage?

    The most common documentation that is requested by a mortgage lender to obtain a mortgage includes; Drivers license Bank statements Asset statements Fully executed purchase contract Copy of an earnest money deposit check


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